Our Music

TRIÚIR ~ a Scottish Gaelic word (sounds like ‘true-ear’) tree

Cedron & N’Shama Sterling came together in 1978 intoxicated by the sweet elixir of music.  They were highly inspired during their early days by the sounds of the John Renbourn Group, (a Renaissance folk ensemble from England).  Since then, their music has become a living heartspace marked by dulcet vocal harmonies, deeply held musical attunement, and tightly interwoven instrumentals.

At the core of their music is an energetic center where the worlds of spiritual and musical harmony converge.  The vibrations of two voices & guitars, bouzouki (octave mandolin), Celtic harp, Irish flute, whistle, recorder and piano, along with tar, dumbek, and riqq (Middle Eastern percussion) complement their collection of traditional Elizabethan ballads, Celtic & Medieval music, progressive folk, and original songs & instrumentals.  Their debut CD “Amber Landscape” was released September 2000. 

A brochure on how to host a houseconcert and create a beautiful evening of music in your home can be downloaded here – Brochure-House Concert. Or contact us at info@houseconcert.com.