Experience House Concert

House Concert – our favorite musical venue. Two hundred years ago it was common for people to gather in private homes to sing, and dance, and to experience musical performance. Some of the greatest recitals of the day were conducted in the salons of the patrons of the arts.

Today, the house concert is resurfacing around the globe as a premiere setting for the enjoyment of live acoustic music.  Barriers such as microphones, sound system, and stage are removed and replaced with an intimate atmosphere in which friendship, hospitality, community, and fine music converge. This also provides an opportunity for informal conversation and questions to learn about the various instruments, and to hear stories about the origins of the music.  

House concerts are created when you gather your circle of friends, family and community to listen in concert. When we play music in this already unified field, the music can flow freely through us enhancing the intimacy of the space and enabling the music to break through the ordinariness of days and touch heart and spirit in an extraordinary way. 

Give yourself the gift of blessing your home with music and deep connection.